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Please look at following page after Jan 16, 2011


 This page is easily updated when I am not in home. If good internet access is available at Fafa Island
then daily topics will be uploaded during the vacation.

Give me any comment or request to
ayoshida at-mark my.email.ne.jp


New TenTec Eagle arrived a week ago. I have been testing Eagle since then.
It works both CW and RTTY with no problem. Receiver performance is great,
much better than FT-857.
I finally decided to take Eagle


I have been testing some kind of small antenna, Long Buddistick and Random wire
on 6.3m or 5.4m long fishing pole with Z11 Pro ATU.
Fafa Resort suggested me to take 50m coax cable (2.4Kg !) if antenna is set on the beach.
I will leave Buddistick this time to reduce overall weight.
Random wire with ATU is much easier to change Band but 80m may be impossible.




I am waiting for arrival of new TenTec Transceiver "Eagle". If it comes in a week or so then
I will take it together with FT857. "Eagle" is very small and it weigh only about 3Kg !
Sherwood Table shows very good number for "Eagle".


I am sorry but XYL does not go with me. Everything is going on schedule except this.



I am testing Antenna. This has been used in FK/JA1NLX and JA1NLX/VK4.
This is a multi-Band 1/4 wave vertical Antenna (3.5 - 28MHz). 2.5m x80 radials are laid on the ground.
This is about 5m long (Max) and 60cm when transporting.





 Another good news here.

XYL suddenly asked that she will go to Tonga with me. If this is true then I will be able to take a little heavier stuffs.


I will ask agency to book for 2 person instead one !



 Good news from Fafa Island Resort. They say that internet is available in reception area with wireless LAN.
It means that I can check/send e-mail and upload Log on OnLine Log server daily.



I am planning to stay Fafa Island in Tonga in Feb, 2011.
It is small island just north of Tongatapu Island and takes about 30 minutes by boat from Nuku'alofa.
Fale (bungalow) at north beach seems very nice for all over the world.

They say there has been some QRVs in the past by DL, I, VK and W. I will be the first by JA !
They know amateur radio very well. It is possible to install antenna just on the beach. Fale are located at west beach and north beach.
Of course, booked Fale is at north beach.

Callsign: A35AY   One year license has been already issued. (Mar 2010 - Mar 2011)
QTH: Fafa Island, Tongatapu group, Tonga  IOTA OC-049
QRV: Feb 4 to 9, 2011.
Band: 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m
Mode: CW, RTTY  mainly in CW
Operating frequency:
3505/7015/10115/14035/18075/21035/24895/28035 QSX up 1-3KHz for CW
10140/14085/18110/21085/24920/28085 QSX up 1-5KHz for RTTY

Transceiver: FT857 TecTec Eagle with microHAM CWKeyer
Antenna: 5m long Buddistick with a lots of radials for 80 - 10m. or Random wire on fishing pole with ATU
with a lots of radials on the beach.
Logging program: Logger32 installed in mobile PC

QSL via JA1NLX   Buro, LoTW. Direct with SASE ($2.00 or 1 IRC)

LoTW will be uploaded when vacation finish.

Log will be uploaded daily on OnLine Log if stable internet access is available.

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