Utility program for Logger32

by aki ja1nlx

Last update 2019/9/15

Tips to use Utility program
1. Utility program must run as Administrator, otherwise it does not work correctly.
2. Most utilities are writen in VB2015. All have been checked with my Windows 10 PC, however no test with other OS. Please let me know if you have any problem.

Click each Utility to see details. These are all utilities which are currently supported.  Other old utilities have been no longer supported.

Utility Current version Last update Language Note
CheckCall ver6.03 2019/6/6 VB2015 minor change
ClubLogUpload ver4.04 2019/7/2 VB2015 minor change
Lookup_QRZ_XML1 ver3.39 2019/5/31 VB2015 Bug fixed
Lookup_HamQTH_XML1 ver2.15 2019/5/31 VB2015 QTH field is transferred to QTH field in Logger32. Auto transferred field are selectable. Bug fixed
Lookup_HamQTH_ADIF ver2.03 2019/5/31 VB2015 QTH field is transferred to QTH field in Logger32. Auto transferred field are selectable. Bug fixed
Lookup_HamCall ver2.02 2019/5/31 VB2015 City field is transferred to QTH field in Logger32. Auto transferred field are selectable. Bug fixed.
SummaryThisYear ver1.0 2019/8/27 VB2019  
SummaryFT8 ver1.16 2019/8/29 VB2015 Bug fixed
SummaryQSObyMode ver1.03 2019/9/15 VB2019 Bug change
SummaryIOTA ver2.63 2019/6/6 VB2015 Bug fixed
UDPdecoder ver1.04 2019/8/4 VB6 Minor change
Other files for Logger32        The latest JCC.csv, JCG.csv, WAKU.csv and TelnetAddresses.ini 

SummaryThisYear ver1.0  Download

This small utility shows summary by Mode/Month of this year only.

SummaryQSObyMode ver1.03  Download

If "Show All time chart" is checked then chart for All time is displayed. If "Show All time chart" is not checked then chart for selected year is displayed. (Default is this year)
Click any line (Year) above to select year. Selected year is highlighted with light yellow.

This chart can be resized.

UDPdecoder ver1.04  Download
This is a utility which decode UDP message distributed by JTDX/WSJT-X and display decoded message, DT graph and dB graph. It receives UDP message at UDP port from Logger32 RPTR UDP port or JTDX/WSJT-X UDP port directly.

Click "Change color" button to change graph color. This is useful to check your antenna. Green for antenna-A and Red for antenna-B.


SummaryFT8 ver1.16   Download
This is summary utility dedicated for FT8 mode. This display table and chart reading Logbook.adi exported from Logger32.  Unzip SummaryFT8.zip. Unzipped files should be placed in same folder.

1. Export the latest Logbook from Logger32.
2. Run SummaryFT8 as administrator.
3. Click "File". Click "Open ADIF File" and select your Logbook ADIF. This is required once when you run SummaryFT8 at first time.
4. Re-run SummaryFT8.

Chart window appears at start-up


Table window


Chart window for QSOs by Mode/Year  This window can be resized manually.



QSO window
When clicking any any cell  in each table (DXCC, WAZ, WAS,Grid, RDA and JCC) then all FT8 QSOs for each Band or All Band are displayed in QSO window. It is sorted by following field.
QSO Date Time, Call, State, Grid, QSL and LoTW. This window is automatically resized.


SummaryIOTA  ver2.63   Download
You must select the file path for myqsos.csv and Logbook adif exported by Logger32 when you run SummaryIOTA at first time. Click File in the Menu bar.
myqsos.csv can be downloaded at IOTA page.


ClubLogUpload ver4.04     Download
This is a utility which upload a QSO on ClubLog everytime you log QSO in Logger32. Manually added QSO and imported QSO are not uploaded.
When you run ClubLogUpload for the first time you should setup ClubLog. Right click the area with Yellow backcolor to show menu. Click "Setup ClubLog"  Enter email address, Password, Callsign (This is your Logbook in ClubLog). Select Clublog Dump File.txt as Upload file. ClubLog Dump File is created by Logger32 in the Logger32 folder. Finnaly click "Apply"  The default path is C:\Logger32\ClubLog Dump File.txt

when QSO is uploaded successfully then it shows like this.


CallsignLookup utility
Following programs are available.
Each utility works together with Logger32 ver3.45.0 and after. It does not work as stand-alone.

Important note: These CallsignLookup utility do not require any settings in Logger32 Auto Lookup, Internet callsign lookup(external) and Internet callsign lookup(internal)  If you want to run these utilities from Logger32 Utility menu then configure any utility as utility program. (Tools,Utility program setup)

Type callsign in Logbook entry window or click DX spot. Lookup data are displayed.

If "Auto transfer to Logger32" is checked then following data are transfered to Logger32 automatically on lookup. (Name, IOTA, Grid, State, County, via and Addr2/QTH/City)  Check field you want to transfer automatically to Logger32. IOTA and via are not logged if you use automatic logging from JTDX/WSJT-X.
If you want to update logged QSO then click QSO in Logbook page window. Lookup utility search this callsign and display lookup data. Click "Update QSO" to update this QSO.
If you want to update logged QSO then click any QSO in Logbook page window. Lookup data are displayed. Click "Update QSO" to update logbook.  If you want to overwrite logbook field then check "Overwrite"
If you want to see his mailing address then clcik "Menu" and clcik "Show mailing address" His mailing address is displayed in small window and copied on Windows clip board.

Lookup_QRZ_XML1 ver.3.39     Download
QRZ XML service is not free. You need to subscribe to this service.

Lookup_HamQTH_XML1 ver 2.15     Download
HamQTH XML service is free, however you must be registered. This is much faster than their ADIF service.

Lookup_HamQTH_ADIF ver2.03     Download
HamQTH ADIF service is free, however you must be registered.

Lookup_HamCall ver2.02    Download
HamCall lookup service is free, however you must be registered. Free member allow 30 times lookup in a day.

1. Run Logger32
2. Run Lookup_HamCall as administrator.
3. Click "Menu", click "Setup" and type your Username and Password.
4. Check "Auto transfer to Logger32" if you want to transfer on lookup. Check field you want to transfer Logger32



CheckCall ver6.03     Download


Other files for Logger32

JCC.csv by JH1GUO      Download

JCG.csv by JH1GUO    Download

WAKU.csv by JH1GUO   Download

TelnetAddresses.ini    Download



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