Utility program for Logger32

by aki ja1nlx

Last update 2021/9/13

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News 2021/9/13

LookupMaster ver1.08 has been released.



1. Utility program must run as Administrator, otherwise it does not work correctly.
2. Most utilities are writen in VB2015 and VB2019. All have been checked with my Windows 10 PC, however no test with other OS. Please let me know if you have any problem.
3. My utility program are not required to install. Place exe file (and packaged files) anywhere. Simply double click exe file or configure as one of utility program in Logger32. (Tools/Utility program setup)


Click each Utility to see details. These are all which are currently supported.  Other old utilities have been no longer supported. Please let me know if you have interest.

Utility Current version Last update Language Note
CheckCall ver7.01 2020/10/18 VB2015 Recoded
CheckFriend ver1.0 2020/3/25 VB2015 New  See below
ClubLogUpload ver4.13 2021/2/4 VB2015 Bug fixed
LookupQRZ ver1.08 2020/12/30 VB2015 No longer supported  2021/6/14
LookupHamQTHxml ver1.09 2021/4/5 VB2015 No longer supported  2021/6/14
LookupHamQTH ver1.05 2021/4/1 VB2015 No longer supported  2021/6/14
LookupHamCall ver2.03 2020/8/20 VB2015 No longer supported  2021/6/14
Lookup_QRZRU_XML ver1.02 2021/4/1 VB2015 No longer supported  2021/6/14
LookupMaster ver1.08 2021/9/13 VB2015 Mailing address is only displayed when Logger32 is in "QSO update from lookup" mde.
PrintQSL ver1.0 2021/7/14 VB2015 New
SummaryThisYear ver1.12 2021/9/8 VB2015 Bug fixed.
SummayFT8 ver1.4 2020/8/20 VB2015 Downsized version of previous SummaryFT8
SummaryQSObyMode ver1.06 2020/7/27 VB2019 Bug fixed
SummaryBandMode ver1.10 2020/8/20 VB2019 Minor chamges
SummaryMini ver4.6.4 2021/6/14 VB2015 Restored 2021/6/14  Bug fixed.
SummaryIOTA ver2.63 2019/6/6 VB2015 Bug fixed
UDPdecoder ver1.04 2019/8/4 VB6 Minor change
ViewAppDataDirectory ver1.0 2020/7/27 VB2015 New  See below
WorkedConfirmedSummary ver1.03 2020/3/30 VB2019 Stats by year added. Bug fixed
Other files for Logger32        The latest JCC.csv, JCG.csv, WAKU.csv and TelnetAddresses.ini 


CheckCall ver7.01     Download

Right click on "Logger32" to show menu. "Logger32" is highlighted with light green when it connects to Logger32.
Click "Show pop-up window" to setup font/fore color/backcolor and position.
Click "Open text file" and select your text file to use.

Pop-up window appears only if matched callsign is found. It disppears when Logbook entry window is cleared.






CheckFriend ver1.0   Download

This is simple CheckCall dedicated for "callsign+name" type text file like "friend.ini" by AF4Z. It displays matched name and transfer name automatically in name field in Logbook Entry Window.



Right click title bar to show menu. Drag/drop title bar to move the window. When you run CheckFriend first time, select correct text file. Check "Auto transfer" if you want to transfer name automatically in Logbook Entry Window. Click "X" to close CheckFriend.



Text file should be formatted like this.

The first word should be Callsign.
The second word should be Name.
The words after third are ignored.
Each word should be separated with ",", or "space", or "="

2E0DCW,Gerald,,London England
2E0OBO,Bob,2381,Edingthorpe Norfolk England
3B9FR,Robert,,Rodriguez Island





ClubLogUpload ver4.13     Download





General features
1. Realtime upload single QSO to ClubLog
2. Export/Upload LoTW.adi to LoTW via TQSL (operation needed in TQSL program)
3. Export/Upload eQSL.adi to eQSL
4. Download LoTWReport.adi (operation needed in LoTW web page)
5. Download eQSLReport.adi (all reports since designated date)

Right click on the area with yellow backgroud color to show menu.



You need setup several items for ClubLog, LoTW and eQSL first.

When clicking "Download LoTWreport.adi" wait for a while until you see following page without mouse click. Select proper options and click "Download report"



LookupMaster ver1.08   Download

LookupMaster support QRZxml, HamQTHxml,  HamQTHadif, HamCall, QRZRUxml and QRZCQxml. It only works together with Logger32. You can use either of them by selecting from the menu. See details in attached document.

QRZxml: not free. See details in QRZ.com web.
HamQTHxml, HamQTHadif:  
free (max 30 lookups per day)  You need upgrade (not free) for more lookups.  See details in HamCall web.
QRZCQxml: not free  I see a lots of wrong IOTA data so LookupMaster does not read IOTA.



These Lookup utilities are no loger supported.

LookupQRZ ver.1.08     Download           Manual downlod
LookupHamQTHxml ver 1.09     Download             Manual download
LookupHamQTH ver1.05     Download            Manual download
LookupHamCall ver2.03    Download

Lookup_QRZRU_XML ver1.02  Dowmload


PrintQSL ver1.0   Download

This is for LogPrint to print submode as mode.

a. Trigger to export QSLfile in Logger32. Option is available to replace <MODE> data with <SUBMODE> data   (Mode conversion)
b. View QSL.adi witn Windows NotePad.
c. Trigger to run LogPrint.

In case of FT4, exported QSL.adi look like this.


You may setup LogPrint to print MFSK as mode and FT4 as submode.

However you may setup LogPrint to print FT4 as mode if you use "Mode conversion" option . PrintQSL convert exported QSL.adi to


Sample label by LogPrint


How to use ?

1. Run PrintQSL.
2. Select LogPrint path and QSL file (where Logger32 export QSL.adi)
3. Check "Mode conversion" if necessary and click "Export QSL file"
4. Click "Run LogPrint"



SummaryBandMode ver1.10  Download

This is simple summary utility which shows QSOs by Band/Mode and DXCC/WAZ/WAS worked/confirmed by Band/Mode. (Confirmd by QSL+LoTW only)




SummaryThisYear ver1.12  Download

This small utility shows summary by Mode/Month of this year with various charts. Default this year is current year. You may select any year.











SummaryQSObyMode ver1.06  Download

If "Show All time chart" is checked then chart for All time is displayed. If "Show All time chart" is not checked then chart for selected year is displayed. (Default is this year)
Click any line (Year) above to select year. Selected year is highlighted with light yellow.





This chart can be resized.



SummaryFT8  ver1.4   Download





SummaryMini ver4.6.4   Download



SummaryIOTA  ver2.63   Download
You must select the file path for myqsos.csv and Logbook adif exported by Logger32 when you run SummaryIOTA at first time. Click File in the Menu bar.
myqsos.csv can be downloaded at IOTA page.





UDP decoder ver1.04   Download

This is a utility which decode UDP message distributed by JTDX/WSJT-X and display decoded message, DT graph and dB graph. It receives UDP message at UDP port from Logger32 RPTR UDP port or JTDX/WSJT-X UDP port directly.






Click "Change color" button to change graph color. This is useful to check your antenna. Green for antenna-A and Red for antenna-B.



ViewAppDataDirectory ver1.0  Download

In my utility programs writen by VB2015 and VB2019 settings are saved in user.config file in the Local folder. When you have any problem on each utility (window disappears etc) then delete the folder (LokkupHamQTHxml, LookupQRZ etc)
It takes clicking several times to access this file. This utility access directly C:\\Users\UserName\AppDta\Local.

When this utility runs it display the path of Local folder.


Click "Show AppData Directory" to show folders under "Local" folder.



WorkedConfirmedSummary ver1.03  Download

This is simple summary which display Worked/Confirmed/Mode for QSOs and DXCC.






Other files for Logger32

JCC.csv by JH1GUO      Download

JCG.csv by JH1GUO    Download

WAKU.csv by JH1GUO   Download

TelnetAddresses.ini    Download

ResConv   Download

Test     Download


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