Utility program for Logger32

by aki ja1nlx

What's new

2018/8/8         Moved this page to new server.
2018/6/24       Lookup_QRZ_XML ver3.32  Released.  New fields, Addr1 and Addr2 added.
2018/6/7         The latest JCC.csv, JCG.csv and WAKU.csv released. Click other files above.
2018/6/5         SummaryFT8Plus Discontinued
2018/6/5         SummaryFT8 ver1.0 Released.
2018/5/25       ClubLogUpload ver4.00  Released   
2018/4/25       Lookup_QRZ_XML ver3.31  Released   It will try to reconnect automatically when settion expires.

Tips to use Utility program
1. Utility program must run as Administrator, otherwise it does not work correctly.
2. Most of utility programs looks better if running in Windows XP/SP3 compatible mode and reduced color mode.
3. Please read ReadMe.doc first when you download and unzip.
4. Some are writen in VB6 and some in VB2015. All have been checked with my Windows 10 PC, however no test with other OS. Please let me know if you have any problem.

SummaryFT8 ver1.00   Download
This is summary utility dedicated for FT8 mode. Unzip SummaryFT8.zip. Unzipped files are placed in same folder.

main window

when clicking "Show DXCC/WAZ/WAS/Grid" it shows  following table.

when clicking any "W" or "C" cell sub window appears. It shows all FT8 QSOs for this country on this Band. If you click any "W" or "C"  in WAZ/WAS table it shows all FT8 QSOs for this Zone/State.  If you click Grid in Grid table it shows all FT8 QSOs for this Grid.

ElapedTime ver1.02    Download
This is a simple timer which shows elapsed time in the small window.

It starts to count
1) when callsign is entered in callsign field of Logbook entry window and hit TAB key to move focus or
2) when you click DX spot in DX spot window or Tracking window or
3) when you click callsign in UDP Bandmap or
4) when you click "Run" button.

It is reset to "00:00:00"
1) when QSO is logged or
2) when Logbook entry window is cleared.
3) when you click "Reset" button.

SummaryIOTA  ver2.62   Download
You must select the file path for myqsos.csv and Logbook adif exported by Logger32 when you run SummaryIOTA at first time. Click File in the Menu bar.


JTSummary   ver1.28    Download
This is a utility which read Logbook adif exported by Logger32 and display summary with various Mode. It also show number of worked QSO/DXCC and confirmed QSO/DXCC.

How to use this utility ?
1. Export the latest Logbook in ADIF.Your FT8, JT9, JT65 and T10 QSOs must be logged in Logger32 Logbook.
2. Run JTSummary. When you run JTSummary for the first time, click "Open Logbook ADIF" in File menu to select file. When you open JTSummary next time last used Logbook ADIF will be opened automatically.
3. If you click one of "All time Entities Wkd/Cfmd box then wkd/cfmd DXCC prefix list is displayed.
4. Click "Show continent chart" or "Show Band chart" or "Show CQ zone table" or "Show worked QSO" to show each window.


SWR/Power Meter for Elecraft W1 ver1.2
This is a utility which works with Elecraft W1 SWR/Power Meter. This program has been coded originally by Elecraft and sorce code is available at Elecraft web page. I am changing code to improve appearance. I do not expect to release this utility, however do not hesitate to send me email if you want to use this utility.


CheckCallPartial ver1.13     Download
This is a utility program for "super check partial". It is very useful if you use Logger32 in any major contest. Database file can be downloaded

Summary ver1.02     Download
This is utility when you use Logger32 during contest or your DX pedition. It show some “How many QSOs I have worked ?” in real time. It shows QSO/Band/Mode Table, QSOs/Band/Mode chart, QSOs/Band/Continent table, QSOs/Band/Continent chart and CQ Zone chart.

QSOs/Band/Mode table

CQ Zone chart


RegistryEditor for Logger32 ver1.0     Download
This is a tool fow Windows 10 user to change registry setting easily. It provides capability to change following color setteings.
Active Title bar color and text forecolor, Inactive Title bar color and text forecolor, Menu backcolor and text forecolor, Title bar font and Menu font. To use this utility follow steps described in ReadMe. Always make backup of your current registry settings.


Clock ver1.23     Download
Clock is a stand alone utility program. It shows Local time, UTC and memo.  Window’s height and width are adjusted automatically and positioned anywhere.
No document available. Simply run Clock. Small window appears at most top-left. Drag the window anywhere you like. Right click on the window to show menu.

ClubLogUpload ver4.00     Download
This is a utility which upload a QSO on ClubLog everytime you log QSO in Logger32.

WinKey   Download

WinKeyBasic    Download

CheckIOTAPlus ver3.75     Download
When callsign/IOTA are entered (manual or clicking DX spot) in Logbook entry window it shows “New”, “Not confirmed”, “Worked” and current total IOTAs workd in a small window..
When DX spot come and IOTA reference number is populated by comment then
1) it shows “New” or “Not confirmed” and
2) it shows all IOTA spots in the table with “G” (granted),
“S” (submitted), “NC” (not confirmed and “!” (New) mark. CheckIOTAPLus check IOTA only for QSO on HF Bands (IOTA standard award). IOTA rule has been changed since Jan 2016.

DupeCheck ver2.43     Download
This utility is useful for contesting and daily logging with Logger32 and provides you “Worked before” message and sound alarm. You have many options in this utility, message appearance and dupe check options (call, call/Band and call/Band/Mode).
This utility does not check previous QSOs in Logger32 Logbook but check internal text file. QSO info (callsign, Band and Mode) is written in internal text file and saved as DupeCheck.txt in the folder when QSO is logged in Logger32.  Data format is like JA1NLX 20M CW

DupeCheck will start when callsign field in Logbook entry window is changed by manual entry or clicking DX spot. You see “xxx New”, “xxx Worked”, “xxx new this Band”, “xxx worked this Band” , “xxx new this Band/Mode”,  “xxx worked this Band/Mode” on message area.
Right click on message area to show menu.

No document available for this program Please follow steps below.
1) Download DupeCheck.zip.
2) Make DupeCheck folder.
3) Unzip DupeCheck.zip and copy DupeCheck.erxe in DupeCheck folder.
4) Set DupeCheck.exe to run as Administrator.
5) Run DupeCheck
6) If you do not use DupeCheck daily then skip next step 7)
7) If you want to use DupeCheck daily then export Logbook in ADIF. Right click on the window, click File and Create CupeCheck.txt.
8) Ready to go.
9) If you like check your favourite option.



BandPlan2 ver2.0     Download
BandPlanMini2 ver2.01    Download
It works only together with Logger32.  It shows corresponded BandPlan bmp picture when Band is changed (BMP pictures are created by Steve W6SFK. Thanks Steve).
The Band width is 500KHz for BandPlan2 and 250KHz for BandPlanMini2.

Radio Freq/Mode are changed when clicking on the picture. Mode is derived from Band/Mode table in Logger32.
It shows tuning bar (vertical red line) on the picture.



Following BMP file sets are available.

For BandPlan2 (500KHz)
ARRL BMP set     Download
IARU Region 1 BMP set     Download
IARU Region 2 BMP set     Download
IARU Region 3 BMP set      Download
JARL BMP set     Download

For BandPlanMini2 (250KHz)
ARRL BMP set     Download

IARU Region 1 BMP set     Download
IARU Region 2 BMP set     Download
IARU Region 3 BMP set     Download
JARL BMP set     Download

As no document is available please follow steps below.

<How to install>
1) Unzip downloaded zip file (BandPlan2 or BandPlanMini2). You have BandPlan2.exe (or BandPlanMini2.exe).
2) Make BandPlan2 folder (or BandPlanMini2 folder) anywhere you prefer. Copy BandPlan2.exe (or BandPlanMini2.exe) in the folder.
3) Unzip downloaded zip file (one of BMP set). You have BMP folder (contains 160.bmp, 80a.bmp, 80b.bmp etc). Copy BMP folder in the BandPlan2 folder (or BandPlanMini2 folder) 

<How to run BandPlan>
It should read BandPlanMini2 below if you install BandPlanMini2.
1) Configure BandPlan2.exe as one of utility program to run from Utility menu in Logger32
a. On the Logger32 Menu Bar select: Tools/Utility Program Setup to open the Utility Program menu setup window.
b. On an available line enter the item BandPlan and with the Browse button on the right go to the Logger32 folder, open the BandPlan folder then click the BandPlan2.exe file to set the link.
c. If you want the BandPlan utility to autostart, check the box to the left on the BandPlan item line then select Apply.
2) Run BandPlan2. You will find the BandPlan2 window at the top left of your screen.
3) Resize the window to view the entire map then drag to any location on your screen.
4) Right click the BandPlan2 right side bar and you can select the font style, font size, title bar color and freq format
5) Click “X” to close BandPlan2.

<How to use BandPlan2>
It should read BandPlanMini2 below if you install BandPlanMini2.
1) Run BandPlan2.
2) The BandPlan2 window should now display the current radio frequency. Mouse click anywhere on the BandMap2. The radio will change to that frequency and mode. If you click an out of band location on the BandMap2 you will get a "Not supported frequency" message. It is very important that you have edited your Logger32 Bands and Modes database for your QTH.
On the Logger32 Menu Bar select: Tools/Setup Bands & Modes. Here you may edit the Bands, Modes and frequency limits for your QTH. Refer to the Logger32 Help Files. When you tune the radio frequency the BandPlan map will automatically change to the correct map when you reach an active band listed in your Bands & Modes database.


CallsignLookup utility
Following programs are available.
Each utility works together with Logger32 ver3.45.0 and after. It does not work as stand-alone.
These have been re-coded newly in VB2015.

Important note: These CallsignLookup utility do not require any settings in Logger32 Auto Lookup, Internet callsign lookup(external) and Internet callsign lookup(internal)  If you want to run these utilities from Logger32 Utility menu then configure any utility as utility program. (Tools,Utility program setup)

Lookup_QRZ_XML ver.3.32     Download
QRZ XML service is not free. You need to subscribe to this service.

Lookup_HamQTH_XML 2.10     Download
HamQTH XML service is free, however you must be registered. This is much faster than their ADIF service.

Lookup_HamQTH_ADIF ver2.00     Download
HamQTH ADIF service is free, however you must be registered.


CheckCall ver5.37     Download


CheckColor ver2.42     Download
CheckColor is an external program which reads Logger32.ini (or your ini) and shows a color box for most of highlight/background color you configure.
As you know Logger32 provides many choices of highlight/background color. Can you always understand what each color means when you see the Logbook Page Window, Award Table or DX Spot Window, etc? Probably not. This will help you!


SummaryMini ver4.64     Download
SummayMini reads Logbook ADIF exported by Logger32 and simply shows following Table and Chart by all operators or each operator.
QSO/Band/Mode table, QSO/Band/Mode chart, QSO/Band/Continent table, QSO/Band/Continent chart, Award table, Summary by selected operator table and Summary by selected year table.
Chart may not work at all with Windows 7 , 8 and 10 system. This happens when VB run-time files has not been installed properly in the system.
Mschart20.ocx is attached in the package. This may fix the problem. Please email me if you are interested. I will send you program for your test.

QSO/Band/Mode table

Award table


Other files for Logger32

JCC20181001.csv by JH1GUO      Download

JCG20181001.csv by JH1GUO    Download

WAKU_20120401.csv by JH1GUO   Download

TelnetAddresses.ini    Download

inserted by FC2 system