Utility program for Logger32

by aki ja1nlx

Last update 2023/10/9

     This page has been moved to


and several programs has been discontinued.



1. Utility program must run as Administrator, otherwise it does not work correctly.

How to set abcXYZ.exe to run as administrator ?
a. Right click on abcXYZ.exe.
b. Click Property.
c. Select Compatibility tab.
d. Check "Run this program as administrator"
e. Click "OK"

2. Most utilities are writen in VB2015 and VB2019. All have been checked with my Windows 10/11 PC, however no test with other OS. Please let me know if you have any problem.
3. My utility program are not required to install. Place exe file (and packaged files) anywhere. Simply double click exe file or configure as one of utility program in Logger32. (Tools/Utility program setup)


Click each Utility to see details. These are all which are currently supported.  Other old utilities have been no longer supported. Please let me know if you have interest.

Utility Current version Last update Language Note
CheckCall ver7.08 2022/9/20 VB2015 Bug fixed. "On-top on/off" option added.  CheckCall icon is stayed in task bar.
CheckCallPartial ver2.01 2022/1/31 VB2015 Recoded version of previous CheckCallPartial
CheckCNTY ver1.03 2022/4/15 VB2015 Minor changes
CheckFriend ver1.0 2020/3/25 VB2015 New  See below
Clock ver2.01 2022/12/1 VB2017 Bug fixed
ClubLogUpload ver4.14 2023/8/22 VB2015 Discontinued
Lookup4Cnty ver1.03 2023/1/25 VB2015 a) Minor changes
LookupEQSL ver1.00 2022/2/14 VB2019 Last upload date is transfered in Logbook entry window. See below.
ModeConverter ver1.01 2023/9/25 VB2019 a) updated version of PrintQSL
LookupMaster ver1.13 2023/1/8 VB2015 a) Change to prevent clearing Logbook entry window unexpectedly.
PrintQSL ver1.0 2021/7/14 VB2015 Discontinued
SummaryV2 ver2.04 2023/7/27 VB2015 a) Bug fixed
b) New chart added (QSO by Band This year and Previous year)
c) Changes in appearance
SummaryThisYear ver2.03 2023/8/ VB2015 a) Default chart in main window is "QSO/Band/Month" Previously it was "QSO/Mode/Month"
b) New chart (QSO by Dat this month) added.
c) Bug fixed
SummaryBandMode ver1.12 2022/7/20 VB2019 Bug fixed
SummaryIOTA ver2.63 2019/6/6 VB2015 Bug fixed
UDPdecoder ver1.04 2019/8/4 VB6 Minor change
ViewAppDataDirectory ver1.0 2020/7/27 VB2015 New  See below
WorkedConfirmedSummary ver1.03 2020/3/30 VB2019 Stats by year added. Bug fixed
yourRadio ver1.04 2022/12/1 VB2017 a. Simple radio control panel added.
b. Clock is implemented. (Same as Clock ver2.01)
Experimental project       Experimental projects by Python
Other files for Logger32        The latest JCC.csv, JCG.csv, WAKU.csv and TelnetAddresses.ini 


CheckCall ver7.08     Download

Right click on "CheckCall" to show menu. "CheckCall" is highlighted with light green when it connects to Logger32.
Click "Open text file" and select your text file to use. Text font/forecolor/backcolor are selectable.


When callsign is populated in Logbook entry window then it will check whether matched callsign are listed in the text file or not. If it finds matched callsign then data are displayed. If it does not then "not found" is displayed..


You can send data to one of user fields in Logbook entry window. Check "Enable to transfer data to Logger32 User_1/2/3 field" in the menu. Click "Field to transfer" to select field you send.
Drag mouse to select text and release mouse button. Selected text is sent to Logbook entry window. In this case, User5 field is configured for USER_1 and USER_1 is selected in CheckCall.


CheckCallPartial ver2.01  Download

This is "check call partial" which display matched callsign when callsign field in Logbook entry window changed. If you use Logger32 for contest then this is very useful.
Download your favourite SCP callsign file here. (DTA file are not supported)

CheckCallPartial has 2 windows, main window and sub window. Main window always stay there. Right click on status bar shows menu. Sub window appears only when matched callsign are found.


CheckCNTY ver1.03  Download    Help in English

It is expected for user to use callsign lookup feature like "Auto internet callsign lookup (external)", "Auto internet callsign lookup (internal)", or "LookupMaster".

CheckCNTY shows "confirmed", "not confirmed" or "new county !!!" if populated US County is in the list or not. CheckCNTY create "confirmed list" and "not confirmed list" reading Logbook adif whenever it runs. This is good eye candy if you are challenging USACA.

If populated county is in "confirmed list" then it shows "confirmed" in sub window.
If populated county is in "not confirmed list" then it shows "not confirmed" in sub window and play alert sound. "not confirmed" is sent to QSLMSG field in Logbook entry window.
if populated county is not these list then it shows "new county !!!" in sub window and play alert sound. "new county !!!" is sent to QSLMSG field in Logbook entry window.

CheckCNTY check whether he/she is eQSL user or not. This is an option.



CheckFriend ver1.0   Download

This is simple CheckCall dedicated for "callsign+name" type text file like "friend.ini" by AF4Z. It displays matched name and transfer name automatically in name field in Logbook Entry Window.


Right click title bar to show menu. Drag/drop title bar to move the window. When you run CheckFriend first time, select correct text file. Check "Auto transfer" if you want to transfer name automatically in Logbook Entry Window. Click "X" to close CheckFriend.


Text file should be formatted like this.

The first word should be Callsign.
The second word should be Name.
The words after third are ignored.
Each word should be separated with ",", or "space", or "="

2E0DCW,Gerald,,London England
2E0OBO,Bob,2381,Edingthorpe Norfolk England
3B9FR,Robert,,Rodriguez Island



Clock ver2.01   Download




This is a simple utility which shows Date/Time/Day of the week in UTC or local time. Clock works as stand alone.

Important note:
a. Place anywhere you like except Windows task bar. Clock may be hidden unexpectedly.
b. If you use glass form then point mouse pointer carefully just on character. (Right click to show menu and/or drag to move position)
c. The displayed format depends on your Windows settings.

ClubLogUpload ver4.14


Lookup4Cnty ver1.03  Download    Help in English   

This is dedicated for users who are challenging USACA award and works for QSO only with KH6, KL7, or W.



LookupEQSL ver1.00  Download

This is simple utility which check whether callsign is listed in eQSLuser list file or not. If it finds then his last upload date is displayed and transfered in either of following fields.


Right click on the top bar to show menu. You must download AGMenberListDated.txt at eQSL page and place the file in the same folder as LookupEQSL.exe.



LookupMaster ver1.13   Download       English Help      Japanese Help

LookupMaster support QRZxml, HamQTHxml,  HamQTHadif, HamCall, QRZRUxml and QRZCQxml. It only works together with Logger32. You can use either of them by selecting from the menu. See details in attached document.

QRZxml: not free. See details in QRZ.com web.
HamQTHxml, HamQTHadif:  
free (max 30 lookups per day)  You need upgrade (not free) for more lookups.  See details in HamCall web.
QRZCQxml: not free  I see a lots of wrong IOTA data so LookupMaster does not read IOTA.

It supports CheckCall. Select proper text file you want to use. Text file should be placed in the same folder as LokkupMaster.exe. (added in ver1.10)
CheckCall status appears only if "Enable CheckCall" is checked. (added in ver1.11)

Please read attached Help PDF. 


ModeConverter ver1.01   Download

ModeConverter replace <MODE:4>MFSK <SUBMODE:3>FT4 with <MODE:3>FT4 in QSL.adi exported by Logger32. This is useful when QSL label print program print FT4 as Mode.


sample printed by LogPrint


Conversion button:
It replace <MODE:4>MFSK <SUBMODE:3>FT4 with <MODE:3>FT4 in QSL.adi

Export and Conversion button:
Run Export QSL file process in Logger32 and convert.

View QSL file button:
Display QSL.adi.

Run print program button:
Run your print program.
If you want to run print program automatically when conversion is finished, then right click on the window and check "Enable print program....."


SummaryV2 ver2.04   Download

This is revised version of previous Summary.
SummaryV2 shows worked number in selected year and mode in main form. If you prefer you can see various all time charts and all time award summary.
SummaryV2 need to read Logbook ADIF exported by Logger32. When you run SummaryV2 for the first time, you are prompted to select the Logbook ADIF.
Download SummaryV2.zip, unzip. Place SummaryV2.exe anywhere you like.

See details in attached SummaryV2.PDF.





SummaryBandMode ver1.12  Download

This is simple summary utility which shows QSOs by Band/Mode and DXCC/WAZ/WAS worked/confirmed by Band/Mode. (Confirmd by QSL+LoTW only)



SummaryThisYear ver2.03  Download

This small utility shows summary by Mode/Month of this year with various charts. Default this year is current year. You may select any year. You are asked to select logbook adi file when you first run updated SummaryThisYear. When you want to change logbook adi file then you need close/open SummaryThisYear.





SummaryIOTA  ver2.63   Download
You must select the file path for myqsos.csv and Logbook adif exported by Logger32 when you run SummaryIOTA at first time. Click File in the Menu bar.
myqsos.csv can be downloaded at IOTA page.



UDP decoder ver1.04   Download

This is a utility which decode UDP message distributed by JTDX/WSJT-X and display decoded message, DT graph and dB graph. It receives UDP message at UDP port from Logger32 RPTR UDP port or JTDX/WSJT-X UDP port directly.




Click "Change color" button to change graph color. This is useful to check your antenna. Green for antenna-A and Red for antenna-B.


ViewAppDataDirectory ver1.0  Download

In my utility programs writen by VB2015 and VB2019 settings are saved in user.config file in the Local folder. When you have any problem on each utility (window disappears etc) then delete the folder (LokkupHamQTHxml, LookupQRZ etc)
It takes clicking several times to access this file. This utility access directly C:\\Users\UserName\AppDta\Local.

When this utility runs it display the path of Local folder.


Click "Show AppData Directory" to show folders under "Local" folder.



WorkedConfirmedSummary ver1.03  Download

This is simple summary which display Worked/Confirmed/Mode for QSOs and DXCC.


yourRadio ver1.04   Download

yourRadio works only together with Logger32.
yourRadio is a sinple utility which provide a) displaying currently used radio number/name/frequency/mode, b) displaying Date/Time/Day of the week in UTC or Local time and c) changing radio frequency/mode.


How to use yourRadio

1. Run Logger32. Run yourRadio.exe as administrator. Small window appears at most top-left in your screen. You see default text like this.
If Radio-1 is selected in Logger32 then


If Radio-2 is selected in Logger32 then


If yourRadio.exe does not run as administrator then you see like this. yourRadio does not work.


2. Drag window anywhere you like.
3. Right click on the window to show menu.
4. Click "Setting" to configure your real radio name for Radio 1 and Radio 2. Modify default text. Typed text is displayed as it is. This is modified text (sample)


5. Click "Appearance" to configure several options, font, forecolor etc. Click "Show frequency" if you like to see not only radio name but frequency. Click "Show frequency with mode" if you like to see not only radio name but frequency with mode. Click "Show frequency in line" if you want to see frequency/mode in line.


6. When Logger32 change radio 1/2 then yourRadio follow.
7. Click "Show clock" to show Date/Time/Day ofthe week. Right click on any character to show menu. Drag it anywhere you like. If you use "Glass form" then you need to point mouse pointer precisely just on character for right click/drag.


8. Click "Show radio control panel" to show the panel.
Radio control panel works only if yourRadio is connected to Logger32 and it read frequency list CSV file. If you like to use Radio control panel then make your own frequency list CSV file.

Sample of frequency list CSV. The first data is frequency in kHz, the second data is radio mode and the third data is your memo.

7000,CW,40M CW
7245,AM,R. New Zealand

9. If it read frequency list CSV file then it shows like this. Click any row to change radio to the frequency/mode. Radio frequency/mode is displayed at top row.
If it does not find frequency list CSV file then it shows warning message instead og frequency/mode. Click "Select frequency list CSV file" to select correct file.


10. Type frequency in kHz box and hit "Set freq" button to change radio to the frequency. Hit any of mode button to change radio mode.

Experimental projects by Python

I have been playing with re-building several utilities by Python language. They say Python is easy to code but not good for real time process.  I have not found how to communicate to Logger32 using external interface. However these are some examples.





Other files for Logger32


AJA.csv, JCC.csv, JCG.csv, WAKU.csv    Download





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